Project Summary

Adtheorent uses sophisticated technology and algorithms to track, analyze, and learn from real-time data being generated by consumers around the world. "Data-driven intelligence" is what they like to call it. I like to use the phrase, "some serious future shit."

The concept for this mark was to create a dynamic measurement system that allowed for client-specific data to be incorporated into each iteration—like a real infographic embedded into the logo. Using data percentages and real-time trends, a client could log onto their analytics dashboard and be presented with a logo that simultaneously acted as a constant visual summary of the client's campaigns. Clients only needed to know was that seeing longer bars and faster movement meant higher conversions were happening and their campaign was doing well. Over time, the mark serves not only as Adtheorent's logo, but where clients look to see results.




logo, identity

  • Dan Shin Adtheorent Logo 01
  • Dan Shin Adtheorent Logo 02
  • Dan Shin Adtheorent Logo 03
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